"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Kids in Action: Celebrating Earth Day by Making a Poster

More than 20 students contributed their beautiful artwork to the Chef Naoko's Earth Day Fair at her restaurant in downtown Portland. The posters were proudly displayed on a wall, adding colors of joy to the dining area and welcoming visiting customers with warmth. The students' effort was also recognized at our school assemblies. Many looked not only happy to receive a framed copy of their artwork, but also to be recognized for their great effort.

Congratulations on the following participants: Ellie A, Warawa M, Olivia W, Wendolin W N, Bodhi B, Frances H, Gus T, Lauren B, Keegan O, Fiona H, Elijah W, Nanami B, Aiden P, Josh B, Alex A, Shylee C, Hana M, Ariana M B, Kylie J, Mara M, Sophie G, Mateo S, Brookie T.