"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Update from Teresa - 4/22

Last Thursday and Friday, our school received 3 IB site visitors for our first ever IB PYP Programme Evaluation. In preparation for the visit, teachers, administrative staff, students, parents, and board members reflected on our IB practice and recorded observations and conclusions in an extensive Self-Study Questionnaire. This self-study was completed over the course of this last year.

The site visit provides an outside review of the self-study.  Based on both the site visitors’ observations and our school’s own self-reflections, the IB will present us with a report that details not only commendations in our progress in fulfilling our PYP mandate but also recommendations and, potentially, matters to be addressed. We expect this report in June or July. The school will use this report to help shape our growth until the next self-study in five years’ time.