"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Auction Sponsor Feature- Creekside Medical

TIS parents Dr. Jill Speaker and Dr. Amy Nopachai are part of a wonderful team at Creekside Medical, providing the best internal medicine and pediatric care possible. Their Salmon Creek office is one of a kind, offering practitioners who have been trained in an intensive 4 year residency to allow dual qualifications, making an optimal solution to caring for everyone in the family.

The specialized care at Creekside Medical covers a wide range of health concerns: newborn care, women’s health, chronic disease diagnosis, even basic skin procedures. Dr. Speaker and Dr. Nopachai are two of seven highly qualified and caring doctors available to address any of you or your family’s health needs. To learn more about Creekside Medical and the doctors, visit their website at www.creeksidemed.com/.

Thank you Dr. Speaker, Dr. Nopachai, and Creekside Medical for sponsoring the TIS auction this year!