"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Five Further Resources on Bullying

What exactly is bullying and relational aggression? Can we as parents do anything about it? The Ophelia Project offers a terrific YouTube presentation.

Start the conversation with your child by reading a book together.

The most effective thing we can do to curb bullying is to teach children to be “upstanders” instead of bystanders. Download this fun game for your child to play on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android. Be sure to read the discussion guide.

Check out these informative websites, some of which include short videos for kids.

Read one of these books for adults.

Please keep these important conversations going with your children. Bullying begins at age three or four and peaks in middle school. Staying connected about the subject increases the chances your children will share their concerns with you—today and as they age.

Kirsten Lee, Parent Network President, ParentNetwork@intlschool.org