"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Follow up on the Birds + Bees + Kids presentation by Amy Lang

On Friday, March 8th, Amy Lang delivered as promised, with an excellent, candid and comprehensive overview of how--and when-- to talk our kids about sex: how ongoing, open conversations are far from a "loss of innocence" and entirely about raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids who know how to be safe and make good choices, based on the values we share with them as parents. Good stuff!
To learn more, I encourage you to visit her website:
On a side note, I apologize if the topic of the presentation was unclear to folks unfamiliar with the term "the birds and the bees" the idiomatic English expression referring to "the facts of life" (yet another idiomatic expression!) or the facts behind courtship, sex and how babies are made. 
Kirsten Lee, Parent Network President, ParentNetwork@intlschool.org