"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Transdisciplinary??? What is that???

The word “transdisciplinary” is such an important word at an IB school. It makes our curriculum powerful, unique, and engaging for students, teachers, and parents. Yet, spell check does not recognize it as a word. So, what exactly does it mean?

The word transdisciplinary implies that our teaching & learning transcends the boundaries of traditional subject areas like language, social studies, science, the arts, math, etc. A transdisciplinary approach addresses knowledge, concepts, and skills through multiple disciplines to help children find connections and broaden their understanding.

Transdisciplinary learning provides amazing opportunities for collaboration - like the wonderful 4th grade Aurora project that involved music, art, and language to tell a story. Or, the powerful 5th grade zine unit where English, art, and homeroom teachers work together to help students share their memories of TIS. Even the little guys get in on the act, like with the PreK unit on communication where students learn about expressing themselves through PE, art, music, language and play.

So what is “transdisciplinary”? Something pretty cool indeed.

Teresa Wirsching, IB Coordinator, TeresaW@intlschool.org