"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Meet Laura Hippensteel

Laura is the receptionist & administrative assistant in the Arthur Street PreK building. Welcome, Laura!

Born and raised in Arizona
Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, Bachelor’s of Art in Studio Art from the University of Arizona

My elementary education experience comes from working for three years at a charter school targeted for gifted and artistically inclined students. I wore many hats (as all school professionals do!), and served as middle school administrator, Pre-algebra and Health teacher, as well as co-teacher in the Art program. Throughout college, my experiences ranged from retail associate to volunteer at several non-profits. Relocating to Portland from Tucson in 2011 was a choice for the adventure, change in atmosphere and community, as well as options in furthering my education.

After briefly working in the medical field, my heart called me back to helping students learn and grow. TIS caught my eye because of its rare and invaluable educational objectives and culturally diverse community. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this?! I’m honored to serve on the team at TIS, and look forward to the opportunities I have to learn from students and teachers alike.