"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

School year volunteers needed

Help out on Mondays

Volunteering for Pizza Monday is a great way to meet other parents and be loved by the kids. We are a  dedicated group of parents who distribute the milk, cookies, bananas, carrots, and PIZZA every Monday. We need help

  • Between 10:30 and noon every week getting the lunches out, and
  • From 2:30-3:00 every Monday afternoon, collecting and recycling the empty boxes. The box recycling is a great use of time that might otherwise be spent sitting in a parked car awaiting pick-up.

We usually try to use our volunteers once per month (more often for recycling time slot). Please email pizza@intlschool.org to let us know your availability and willingness. Thank you!

Volunteer in the library

The TIS Library Media Center is so critical to the teachers and students - for learning resources and to encourage reading. It need volunteers to help shelve and cover books and more. Click here to tell Librarian Tamara when it would work for you to do a regular shift. Thank you!