"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Classroom Locations

Please click here to see the maps of classroom locations for 2012-2013 - there are 5 pages. Where to look:

  • PreK: all classes at Arthur Street
  • LowK: all classes on the top floor of Hilltop
  • Kinder: Chinese & Japanese in Hilltop, Spanish in large modular
  • 1st grade: Chinese & one Spanish in small modular, Japanese and one Spanish in large modular
  • 2nd grade: Chinese in Stearns, Spanish & Japanese in Hilltop
  • 3rd grade: Japanese in Hilltop middle floor, Spanish & Chinese in Stearns
  • 4th grade: Chinese in Hilltop, Japanese in large modular, Spanish in Stearns
  • 5th grade: Japanese in large modular, Chinese & Spanish in Stearns

You'll know who your child's teacher is by next Thurs Aug 30 - you'll receive an e-mail from him/her!

Linda Bonder, Marketing & Communications Director, LindaB@intlschool.org