"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

What's next best to being the Parent Network President?

Being the Vice-President of course!

The Parent Network Organization's mission is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and community environment at The International School.

But, just what does the Vice-President DO?

Thanks for asking! The Parent Network Vice President...

  • Takes the lead on logistics for Parent Network Nights (3-4 evenings per year)
  • Serves as the Room Parent Lead, coordinating Room Parent orientation in September
  • Spearheads Teacher Appreciation Week in May (includes finding other volunteers to help)
  • Attends Parent Network Nights & community-building events as needed and necessary
  • Spends the year "learning the ropes" in preparation for serving as Parent Network President the following year.

If you are...

  • An experienced parent with at least 2 TIS years under your belt
  • Passionate about TIS
  • Intrigued by the idea of being at the heart of TIS's inner workings
  • Possess strong organizational, leadership and people skills
  • Good at identifying & delegating tasks
  • Able and willing to make a two-year commitment, first as VP and then as President
  • Looking to make an important and sustained commitment to volunteer leadership
  • Someone with a fairly flexible schedule that has 2-8 hours a week to dedicate to TIS (depending on the time of year)

...this could be just the volunteer match for you. With new Head of School Robert Woods, this is an especially exciting time to serve. Interested in stepping up? Finding out more? Let's talk!

Parent Network President, Kirsten Lee, parentnetwork@intlschool.org