"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

News from Alfonso - 6/4

Dear Friends,

About now I am wishing for time to stop. The end of year and beginning of next are melting together.

Congratulations to the Spanish track on a wonderful show last Friday at the Gerding theater. We were all justifiably proud of the students and their marvelous teachers.

Congratulations also to the Wine Tasting organizers and all the volunteers on a lovely event last Saturday evening. All enjoyed great wine and conversation and a chance to just be at a busy time of the year. Thanks especially to organizers Kathy Guilfoyle, Paula Prince, Lee Rahr, Ann Armstrong, Teri Harper, May Graham, and to the many volunteers and providers of wonderful food. Also a special thanks to Martha Koerner and Bill Dieter who again permitted us to use their lovely open space.

Finally, an appeal from Shirleen’s grade 3 students who are trying to turn their learning into action:

All the third grade classes are doing a PYP project about helping others in need throughout the world. Last week Paul Goodrich, the founder of African Sports Outreach (ASO), came to talk to our classes about how he helps the kids in Africa. Paul said that if the kids in Africa stay in school they can continue playing soccer with ASO. ASO needs money to keep their school open in Togo, Africa. If they don’t raise $2,500 in the next month they will lose their school, and 100 sponsored kids and ASO staff will be put out on the street. TIS can help by giving to ASO. Everyone at TIS could give a dollar and make a difference. Please help the third grade classes raise money for ASO. To find out more about how ASO helps kids, go to www.asointernational.org or see their video. We will put collection envelopes in classes this week.

Have a good penultimate week,

Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x122