"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

A "Pizzaful" of Thanks to Pizza Monday Volunteers

My Chinese track 3rd grader will sometimes still "do the math" on how he is feeling by referring to slices of pizza, like half good, or one slice short of the whole pie. Well, I'd like to do my own "pizza math" and express gratitude on behalf of the school community to the cadre of mostly-unseen Pizza Monday volunteers who have made this year's Monday lunches hum for so many.

A Entire Pizzaful of thanks goes out to:
James Mast, Pizza Monday Chair
Caroline Popma, Pizza Monday Volunteer Coordinator

Boyd Osgood, Catherine Morgan, Deb Namestka, Eileen Shults, Eunice Kim, Heather Gaitan, Kay Stowers, Leslee York, Liann Martin, Mara Osgood, Susie Kuhn, Ted Weesner, Tracey Massey, Wu-chang Feng

A special thanks especially to James and Caroline for re-upping their leadership commitment for next year. They can't do it alone and are hoping to see not only familiar faces and helping hands from the past, but also new volunteers in the future. To get in on the action for next year, don't hesitate to contact Caroline now at cpopma@mac.com.

Thanks also to Parent Network Treasurer, Eric Schnebly, for helping get this year in the oven and off the ground.

Thank you for everything you did this year! You kept a beloved TIS tradition alive and well and a whole lot of bellies happy.

Kirsten Lee, Parent Network President, parentnetwork@intlschool.org