"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

TIS Annual Meeting - this Thursday 6:30pm

This Thursday at 6:30 in the Hilltop Gym, the TIS Board of Trustees will hold the school's Annual Meeting for all community members. You are invited to hear annual reports on admissions and enrollment by Admissions Director Jan Williams, school finances and development by Business Manager Rob Timmons and Trustee Paula Prince, and the state of the school by Dr. Orsini.

The focus of Dr. Orsini's presentation will be the Strategic Plan--what has been accomplished (a great deal!) and where we are with regards to other important strategic goals.

The Annual Meeting also is when the Board bids so long to Trustees who have completed their terms. Three Trustees--Jennifer Cooperman, Bill Clydesdale, and Michelle Gans--will exit the Board at the conclusion of this meeting. Each has provided valuable service to the Board and to TIS, and their expertise and insights will be missed. Jennifer has served as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair, Bill has served as Secretary and Governance Committee Chair, and Michelle has served as a member of the Finance Committee.

Five new Trustees will be elected to the Board. These include TIS Alumni parent Michael Hummel (who is returning to Board service) and TIS parents Terry Schallich, Colin Rowan, and Tom Sperry. Eleanor Aschoff, a Commercial Real Estate Broker with development experience, is not a TIS parent--her election to the Board will bring our non-parent membership to four, one more than required by the By-laws. The Board recently elected TIS Parent Phoebe Trubowitz to the Board, as well. All together, these Trustees bring a (pardon the pun) wealth of financial, development, and capital project experience to the Board at a time when the school needs this expertise most.

One additional order of business at the Annual Meeting is the election of new officers. The current slate of officers--myself, Paula Prince (Vice President), Jennifer Cooperman, and Bill Clydesdale--will give way to new leadership: Matt Schweitzer (President), Lynda Wannamaker (Vice President), Bill Seidl (Treasurer), and Bryan Higgins (Secretary). Whereas Jennifer and Bill C. are completing Board service, Paula and I will remain on the Board. Paula--who is so valuable to TIS that she was once mistaken for the Head of School!--will continue serving as an alumni parent (Congratulations, Paula!). For myself, I have enjoyed greatly the opportunity afforded by being Board President to serve TIS and deepen my relationship with this incredible community.

There are countless people to thank--too many for this short article. But I will devote a moment of space to thank Dr. Orsini for his partnership, leadership, mentoring, and friendship. I served in this position at a particularly fortuitous time, and I am very satisfied with what the Board has accomplished. Yet, I am looking forward to new opportunities to support the incoming officers and the new Head of School, Robert Woods.

Please come this Thursday night to celebrate with me the work of our dedicated Trustee volunteers and to welcome new Trustees and officers. If you need childcare, please reserve a space at intlschool.org/childcare - available for TIS students and their siblings age 3+.

Scott Kerman, TIS Board President, board@Intlschool.org