"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Please Log Your Volunteer Hours

Please take a few minutes to log your volunteer hours for the year at intlschool.org/volunteer. It's easy!

  1. Enter your email address and this year's All-Parent Password (think about it, you know it - or ask me)

  2. Click My Volunteer Hours and fill out the info in the Log Your Hours section

Logging your volunteer hours helps TIS in many ways!

  • The ability to show strong volunteer support can help us secure for grants

  • Studies show that family volunteering at school can improve student achievement

  • Your logged hours helps TIS understand the time required for important events & activities

  • We all make a commitment to support the school with a minimum of 25 volunteer hours per family to help make TIS the best place for our kids!

Please do it now - we're in the final stretch for this school year. Thank you to all who have volunteered!

Questions? Please contact Kathy Guilfoyle at kathrynguilfoyle@gmail.com or 971.244.3667.