"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

One Community. One Goal. One Hundred Percent by Tuesday, May 15

One hundred percent of our students are supported by the TIS Fund. Making a contribution to the TIS Fund reflects your vote of confidence in our school. When foundations and corporations consider investing in a school, they look at participation rates as a way to measure the level of community involvement and support. It’s not whether you give one dollar, one hundred dollars or one thousand dollars, what’s important is that you give to the TIS Fund. When we all contribute, we all benefit.

Help both the school and your class reach 100% 

Every day we get closer to our goal. The following classes are very close to joining Jennifer Zhu's class in reaching 100%. You can do it!

  • Jenny: 1 family to go

  • Adela: 1 family to go

  • Hideko: 1 family to go

  • Hu Nan: 2 families to go

  • Adriana: 2 families to go

  • Hong: 2 families to go

  • Ivonne: 2 families to go

  • Norma: 2 families to go

  • Shirleen: 2 families to go

  • Sandy: 2 families to go

  • Maria: 3 families to go

  • Emily: 3 families to go

  • Gloria: 3 families to go

  • Junko: 3 families to go

  • Taka: 3 families to go

  • Akiko: 3 families to go

  • Jossie: 4 families to go

  • Ann: 4 families to go

  • Gilberto: 4 families to go

  • Pilar: 4 families to go

  • Vicky: 4 families to go

  • Constanza:  4 families to go

To donate securely on-line -Simply click on this “Donate Now” button.

OR Bring a check to any of the reception desks
OR Mail it to the attention of Development Office, TIS, 025 SW Sherman St, Portland OR 97201.

We will send you a tax receipt. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: If you cannot make your donation by May 15, you may pledge your support by sending an email to dev@intlschool.org and fulfill your pledge by Monday, June 11.

Thank you for your support.

Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director, dev@intlschool.org, 503-265-8635