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May 22 Mile Run - Volunteers Needed

Actually volunteers is not the correct term but rather, 'Winners' or 'Lucky Few'. It is simply a wonderful day watching the children pace themselves through a mile run like the dear deers they are. We will be taking grades 1-5 up to Duniway track for our annual mile run event on Tuesday May 22nd. Each grade level will go from TIS to the track together by school bus. Each grade will be split into three groups for the run. It is a quarter mile track so each group is to run 4 laps against the clock. After or before the run, the students will be tested for flexibility as part of the President's Challenge on Physical Fitness. I have a table that will take such measurements.

Parent volunteers are needed (a few parents to ride the bus with the students) to time the runners and assist in conducting the flexibility test. I could use shifts of volunteers for a couple hours each through out the day and/or to stay for the entire day if you can.

The travel schedule is as follows:

  • 3rd grade (incl all Masami's class): Meet outside Stearns: 8:05 AM, to the track: 8:15-9:30

  • 2nd grade (not Masami's): Meet outside Stearns: 9:20 AM, to the track: 9:30-10:45

  • 5th grade (incl all Taka's class): Meet outside Stearns: 10:35 AM, to the track: 10:45-12:00

  • 1st grade: Meet outside Stearns: 12:05 PM, to the track: 12:15-1:30

  • 4th grade (not Taka's): Meet outside Stearns: 1:20 PM, to the track: 1:30-2:45

Please click here to sign up for volunteer spots.  Thank you!

Coach Robert Briglia, 1st-5th grade PE teacher, RobertB@intlschool.org