"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

PTO wants to hear from YOU. That's right, YOU!

As the school year begins to wind down towards the summer break, work is already underway all around the school to prepare for the coming year. Your PTO is eager to hear what kinds of things you'd like to see and do in 2012-2013, in particular:

  • If we invite special topic speakers or hold events in the evenings, what would excite and interest you enough to come?

  • What kinds of community-building initiatives would be of greatest use and interest to you?

The PTO mission is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and community environment at The International School. How would YOU like to see that happen?

To gather input, I'll be out with our faithful "Scrippers" at their table on Fridays to ask some of you in person. Stop by to chat or shoot me an email with your thoughts and wishes. Thanks,

Kirsten Lee, PTO President, pto@intlschool.org