"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

New TIS Logo - Q&A

After many years of thought and many months of work, I am excited to introduce the new TIS logo. Thank you to everyone who provided input over the last few months!

1. Why change the logo?
As our program has evolved and moved forward, it was time to update the logo to better reflect who we are and the energy in our community. The new mark shows continuity by retaining the globe and the concept of children that served us so well for 22 years. It brings us into the future by representing our three tracks energetically and clearly saying that we are an IB school.

2. Why not turn the globe around to show the Asian countries?
Unfortunately it is not possible to show both Asia and Latin America. We tried cutting the globe apart and spreading it out, but the image became too complex for a logo and lost its connection to our old image. We also tried spinning the globe around to give Asia a turn up front, but the Pacific Ocean is so big that few countries were actually seen. In the end, we decided that it was most important to have a symbol that was instantly recognizable as a globe and connected to our past.

3. Who designed the school logos?
The initial logo was designed in 1990 by designer Charles Politz, a friend of our founders Douglas and Frey Stearns. It was altered slightly in 2007 - the continents and children were colored in to make them more easily recognizable. The new mark that we will use going forward was created by Portland-area designer Jennifer Strait.

4. What process was used to come up with the new logo?
The essence for the logo came from the school's strategic plan and from talking to TIS community members. I worked with the designer over several months, bringing back ideas and soliciting input from school admin staff, teachers, parents and students.

5. When will we start using the new logo?
Over the coming weeks and months you will see signs, stationary, the web site, posters, banners and more change to the new logo. Summer camp t-shirts will have the new logo, though other TIS Spirit Wear will not appear until the fall.  All students enrolled for September will receive a new blue t-shirt. We have some old ones left over (a few adult sizes, lots of youths) - please ask at the Stearns Hall reception area if you want some (free)!

All old logo gear is on sale now for up to 20% off at intlschool.org/spirit and at the Stearns Hall reception desk - while supplies last!

If you are making a class memory book or have another need for the logo, please let me know.

Linda Bonder, Marketing & Communications Director, marketing@intlschool.org, 503-477-5231