"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Recent Music Events - Made Possible by Run for the Arts

Fourth grade proudly represented TIS last Thursday at the French American International School, joining FAIS students and German American School students in a 126- member choir. Our students composed and sang original verses for the song, "Blue is the Sea" in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish, along with verses in French and German sung by their counterparts- complete with TIS musicians accompanying on pitched percussion and recorder. We also sang songs in French and German that were offered by the other schools. They also demonstrated a Taiwanese fisherman song, "Heio," with a bamboo stick step dance that teacher Shirleen fondly remembers playing as a child in the playground. Besides the music and language sharing, friendships and connections were made throughout the day through ice breakers, circle folk dance, team building activities, and out on the soccer field.

On Friday, third and fourth grades had successful trips to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall to see the Oregon Symphony. There were enthusiastic cheers as the announcer introduced the different instruments - faces lit up when she mentioned how a late Renaissance piece used a composition tool similar to "Call & Response," arms lifted to conduct during the Bach fugue, and great laughter was evoked at the low woodwind "surprise" near the end of the Haydn piece.

Thank you, teachers and parent chaperones for making these trips possible.