"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School


You may pass by the garden and wonder as it changes each week. Through the winter cover crops and bulb plants have been growing in the garden beds, (cover crops to feed the soil). Last week the first graders cut back the cover crops and this week they are working hard with their shovels to turn the rye, clover, vetch and field peas over into the soil. Why cardboard??? Pizza boxes!? We are helping the cover crops to die back and also trying to keep too much rain from the beds. Meanwhile we have been munching on carrots and radishes, parsley and cilantro, and maybe even cooking up some collards and kale. All of these have survived in the garden through our winter.

What happens next? The kindergarteners have already been planting Super Sugar Snap peas, the ones that grow 5 feet tall, so we are planting them along the east fence. Daffodils are opening and tulips are leafing out. When the students (K) come back from spring break they will continue planting our spring garden: greens, carrots and beets.

You are welcome to stop by the garden with your child/children or whenever. If you love to garden and/or would like to be part of the ideas, the plans, the growing please reply to garden@intlschool.org.