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Schools conference

NAIS - National Association of Independent SchoolsThe week before last, Jan Williams, Maria Abad, Rob Timmons and I attended the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools in Seattle. Learnings and perspectives we gained will creep into many things that we do at TIS.  In addition we heard several terrific speakers including Bill Gates (technology in education), Amy Chua (aka Tiger Mom), Sarah Kay (worth catching on youtube), John Medina (the effect of emotional stress on children's brains),  and more.

There were many take-aways, but I'll share just one here, from Sarah Kay, spoken word poet. She talked about two kinds of breakthroughs. One is the kind for which you work very very hard; the other is "accidental breakthroughs," the kind that just seem to happen. Sarah's point was that we need to teach children to be open to accidental breakthroughs, and to work very hard to create their own breakthroughs. Such a simple yet powerful concept. Click here for more information on the conference, on these speakers and more.

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