"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

2/27: Notes from Alfonso

Dear Friends,
This sunny day helps us to believe we are actually rolling into March this week. Report cards were also completed this past weekend and will be available to you on line by Wednesday (as described below). This coming Friday, March 2, there will be no classes as we will have parent teacher conferences. If you have not already signed up, please do so soon.

I have very mixed feelings about the following announcement. My amazing Assistant Jhoanna Co will be leaving us after the first week of March. For some time Jhoanna has been hoping to relocate to Texas for the climate, for career and educational opportunities, and to be near family she has there. Well, she has found a new post that will offer her great personal fulfillment. If you have had any interaction with Jhoanna, and chances are great as she single-handedly looks after so many different things at TIS, then you probably got to experience what a truly patient, positive, caring, multi-talented, and hard-working person she is. In one's career, one meets few people like Jhoanna, and she will be sorely missed by everyone in this community. However, we must congratulate her and be happy for her as well. Jhoanna, thank you so much for all you have done so quietly and persistently for so many of us over the past four years.

As a result of Jhoanna's departure we have done some administrative restructuring and will be posting two jobs: one for an Operations Compliance Manager and the other for an educational technology support person. You can find the first job listed here and both jobs will soon be posted on our website. If you know of an excellent candidate for either post please direct them to the link or to our website.

Have a good week and see you at the corner,
Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x122