"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Playground Rules (NOTICE)

Playground rules (NOTICE)

Dear parents or other adults,

The fifth grade students would like to inform you of some problems on the playground at school and after school. Children have been climbing the fence for entertainment which can ruin the property as well as hurting the children. We would be very pleased if parents would tell your children to please refrain from climbing the fences for their sake as much as ours. Also, the matter of destroying the tent (climbing , hanging, trampling etc.) must be considered. Your children are harming TIS property as well as hurting the playground equipment. So if you please could control your children and kindly ask them to refrain from harming the tent as well. Our tables are being damaged as well, when children lay or sit on the table it can be heavily dented or it can even collapse. To keep your children safe and material from getting dented we would also like to ask you to tell your children to please avoid using our tables in a disrespectful manner.

Thank you for your attention, and please take this letter in mind as you have your child in the playground.


Sydney Jensen,5th grade student.