"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Today is the last day to order school pictures!


Today, is the last day to order school pictures without an extra shipping charge. Orders must be placed before 4pm. Instructions for ordering pictures online are below.

1) Go to www.jlynportraits.com and click on School Portrait Orders in the upper right corner.
2) Type in your password.
3) The first gallery to load will be the product that is available. This gallery is for your information only. Please DO NOT add these items to your cart or an image will not be attached to it.
4) In the bottom right, under the gallery, you will see a drop box. You will find your images under your students initials. If your student shares initials with another student in the class, I used the 2nd letter in the first or last name.
5) Click on the images to see them a little larger. You will be able to view the image in color or slide to black and white.

6) Once you have decided on the image(s) you would like, click the add to cart button. You may go into multiple galleries and have 1 shopping cart.
7) On the right hand side is where you will choose your print & or product. This is where you will order packages, magnets, prints, etc.
8) Some classes also have a silly group photo. If you would like to order this in a package, please add this information in the special instructions, otherwise the standard class picture will be ordered.
9) When you are ready to check out, click on MY CART and check out in the bottom right corner of the shopping cart. You can pay with Credit Card, or deliver payment to the school. DO NOT MAIL!
10) At check out, you verify shipping information but please note all product will be delivered to the school.

You may order multiple children under 1 shopping cart.

If you need the password for your class please email Operations@intlschool.org