"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Auction Donations - Deadline Thursday, November 1st

 Thank you to the many families and businesses who have made contributions already. Donations are still needed and the deadline is fast approaching. We have a team of dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to procure items for the event- but they can not do it alone - your help is needed. Please bring contributions to any receptionist by Thursday Nov. 1st. Auction proceeds support what we love most about this school - our students, teachers and programs. Thank you for your support!

And thank you to our stellar team of Procurement Volunteers who have put in many hours this fall - Wei Nathan (chair), Eileen Shults, Jim Walters, Lori Beight, Kara Gajowskyj, Bob Bondaruk, Liann Martin, Lori Buss and Kim Brenner. Your support means so much!!

Michelle Murff, Auction Chair auction@intlschool.org
Lauren Riegelnegg, Advancement Coordinator, laurenr@intlschool.org