"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

LUNCH PROGRAMS - what you need to know

For those who have already completed lunch forms and sent them off, the first day of lunch for:

  • Chef Naoko is Wednesday September 7th

  • Elephants Deli is Thursday September 8th

  • Pizza is Monday September 12

Haven’t turned in your lunch order forms?  From this point forward what to do…

Chef Naoko (2 options)

  1. Chef Naoko has a website to sign up for the lunch program: TIS Parent Only.  The school log in and password is located on the lunch form at the bottom.

  2. Mail the form to:     Chef Naoko Co., Attention: TIS Lunch Box, 1237 SW Jefferson St., Portland, OR 972012

If you have any questions about Chef Naoko please contact: 503-227-4136

Elephants Deli (2 options)

  1. Please send the form directly to:  Elephant’s Deli, Attention: Holly, 1611 Southeast 7th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214-3563

  2. Email the form to:  sacklunchdelivery@elephantsdeli.com

If you have any questions about Elephants Deli please contact Holly at:  (503) 238-8140

Pizza Monday (2 options)

  1. Buy on-line until Tuesday Sept 6 at 11:59pm at intlschool.org/pizza for pizza to start on Sept 12

  2. Pay by check to any TIS receptionist any time after Sept 6 at 11:59pm for your child to receive pizza starting Sept 19 (or the Monday after you pay if it's later than in the year).

For questions or to volunteer to help with Pizza Monday, contact James Mast the volunteer pizza chair at pizza@intlschool.org.