"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Notes from Alfonso - 9/26

And to the dry earth, cheers!

First a few points of caution. Kids in after school programs often bring snacks. Please try to avoid nut based snacks as there could be someone with a nut allergy in your child's activity. You can also ask your activity leader to check on allergies in the group and if there are none, no worries.

Sometimes parents of grade 3-5 students drop them off down near me at traffic and that is fine but please don't let them off in the middle of Water Avenue in traffic. And please, even though they are mature people of the world, make sure that they are in your view until in the building. If you let them off up on the top of Caruthers or Grant, they enter a dangerous blind spot.

If your child is in a nut free classroom, no ands ifs or nuts.

Remember English curriculum night is tonight (and Kristie's tomorrow night).

PE clothes. It is not a good plan to try and run the 40 yard dash in a tutu and cowboy boots. Remember to have your kids bring appropriate footwear and clothing for PE days.

Please do not send in foods that must be cooked at length in a microwave. Send only foods that need warming for a minute or less. The teachers only have so much time for overseeing culinary matters.

The handbook states that grade  1-5 students "should be in classrooms at 7:45 and ready to begin at 8:00." The handbook does not say they MUST be in the classroom at 7:45. If the teacher is trying to do learning activities starting at 7:45 (a desire we can all appreciate) we can only request that you do your best to participate. 8:00 is the official time after which students are marked late. I have reminded teachers of this but if you can make it in earlier on even one day, you would gain about 8 hours a year of extra instruction for your child.

Lastly, Run for the Arts is scheduled for tomorrow, and unless there is a deluge we will proceed. Again, appropriate running attire will be helpful as well as a water bottle. If you have never seen RFA and you have time, it is a sight to see: an exhibition of the most earnest effort imaginable in support of the arts.

Have a peaceful week and see you at the corner.
Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x122