"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Update from Alfonso 12/12

Dear Friends,

At last week's assemblies we continued to hear fascinating tales of our teachers' childhoods and early schooling. Did you know that Japanese teacher Masami grew up for many years in Latin America? That Lizette is a third generation teacher following both her grandmother and mother? That of the 30 children in Ms Hong's 6th grade class in Inner Mongolia only 3, including her,  continued their education beyond grade 6? Hong went on to earn two MA Degrees! There is so little we all know about each other, isn't there? It is good for us to take occasion to share a bit about who we are. Our teachers are fascinating people who have lived very rich lives and they bring so much experience and culture to our children and ourselves.

At Friday's assembly we also heard from FBI agent Jason Dodd about the kind of work he does and about being safe when we work on line. We even got to try on his bullet prof vest.

This morning I went on a very illuminating (but chilly) trip to the waste recycling center in North Portland. We learned, among other things, that about 20,000 tons of food per month are recycled for composting. Thanks to the work of our school council we hope to have our own food recycling program soon. We will talk with a representative of the composting program at our school council meeting today.

That is a holiday chill out there if I ever felt one. Please remember to ensure that students are dressed sufficiently warmly and please do drive very carefully on these frosty mornings as roads can be slick.

If I do not see you, I wish you all a very peaceful, reflective and joyful holiday.

With very warm regards,