"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

News from Alfonso - 11/21

Dear Friends,
First, the  Water Bureau work will be done by this afternoon. I am sorry that the crew was unable to get the hole covered on Caruthers Street before pick up last Friday. They will be doing further work during our winter holiday.

Construction, specifically the master plan for our new campus, was the topic of a terrific presentation last Wednesday evening by the Board Buildings and Grounds Committee and Mahlum architects. Click here to see the presentation slides and video which will be linked there by Monday evening (use the All-Parent Password).  The Master plan is the culmination of 5 years of work which began with the strategic plan and was followed by a comprehensive site search and a review of our facilities and future needs. Our board has managed an excellent balance of keeping our feet on the ground and keeping our horizons squarely in view.

And now to some pre-Thanksgiving thanks!

I am happy to announce that last Saturday evening's auction was a great success. While the totals for the night are still being tallied, it looks like we well exceeded our $75000 goal for the special appeal to purchase books, resources, technology and professional development opportunities for our dedicated staff. 

Our sincere thanks go out to Linda McGeady and Joel Simon (pictured here) and the auction committee:

  • Registration: Joan Francis, Abdul Khan

  • Theme/Decoration:Yinqing Nielsen, Kathy Vinceri

  • Art projects: Reba Aiken, Huma Pierce

  • Volunteers: Michelle Murff

  • Sponsorship: Dianna Hanken Hu, Becky Smith, Beth Katona, Robert Bondaruk

  • Emcee: Matt Schweitzer

  • Parties: Tracey Massey

  • Graphic Design: Kat Topaz

  • Poster/logo Design: Doug Merritt

  • Carrie Banks, Paula Prince, Jennifer Farmer, Suzame Tong, Lisa Goldberg, Kathy Guilfoyle , Wu-chang Feng

Our gratitude also to the many volunteers who worked on baskets and classroom art projects and at the auction that evening. Click here for photos (or check our Facebook page).

Thanks to Kelsey Cleveland, our Development Director who worked closely with the team. And to Paula Prince who is always helping with everything!

Thanks to parent Reed Kaplan for making a video that was narrated by his buddy, the announcer for The Tonight Show.

Thanks to our terrific board members and their families  for donating/spending/sponsoring over $54,000, including over $18,000 to the special appeal.

And thanks finally to every single member of our community from parents to students to staff members who gave of their time to create baskets and auction art projects. This is what community is about.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x122