"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Update from Alfonso - 10/31

Greetings, friends,
And welcome to a new Monday and a new week.

Last week ended with the flourish of our annual fall costume parade. It was exciting to see so many princesses, ninjas (and yes a mutant ninja turtle here and there), Star Wars friends, Egyptian princesses, and even Sesame Street characters.

Please see the announcements about auction donations and tickets below and in the weeks ahead. As you know the auction is our largest fundraiser every year, and in addition to supporting operating costs, the money raised also supports purchase of resources, books, technology, and professional development for teachers and other staff.

You will also see below that Head candidate Glenn Chapin will be visiting tomorrow and Wednesday. PLease do make every effort to meet him on one of the occasions listed below. You can find his and the other candidates' resumes at intlschool.org/newhead (use the All-Parent Password).

And can it be? It is already time for assessment report writing this Friday so there will be no school for students.

I will shortly be sharing with you an email about assessment and reporting, so I will cut short here and wish you a very positive and dry week. And Happy Halloween.

See you at the corner
Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x122