"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Update from Alfonso - 10/17

Greetings Friends,
In today's top story, Sheridan will be open today with traffic working in both directions on Moody! The only other closure of Sheridan should be on the weekend of Oct 22 and 23. If there are others for a day or so they will let us know but congrats to Stacey and Whitbeck for pushing the job forward on our behalf.

We also met last week with Dee Ann Sandberg of the light rail project and the Stacey and Whitbeck team. For those of you who just joined us this year, let me try to summarize what it is about. The new Light rail will come from the East side, across a new bridge, to the waterfront (down closer to OHSU) and then north and cut up to run alongside Harbor Drive. Then it will go straight along the other side of Harbor Drive almost to just across from the streetcar stop and will then go up high and cut over Harbor up to Naito and then up Lincoln Street. It will cut through to Lincoln with the removal of the radio station which now stands across Naito. It will stop on Lincoln and 3rd and thus enable TIS families to commute from the East Side rather easily.

On November 1st they will begin using the stretch of ground up along Naito as a construction staging area for their trucks and equipment. They will create a gravel road whose entrance is behind the Hilltop Building and which will run down along Naito to the North where the staging area proper will be. Much further down along Naito almost to the area above the streetcar stop they will be drilling (and thankfully not pile driving) for the overpass that will bring the new light rail up and across Naito. At no point will the new light rail becoming very close to our campus, but it will come close enough to assist commuting.

The construction folks have been very focused on our needs and well being and they are aware of nap times, the necessity to keep dust down and so on. Resilient as we are and as open as they are to communication and concerns, we think this will work out fine. If you would like to see some renderings of how it will look around us when the project is completed click here to see them on our website.

Last Friday afternoon, a parent of a low K student slipped on the road. A group of parents stepped right in, called 911 and summoned me for help. The mom turned out to be fine. I appreciate that community spirit from those who helped out.

As you will see below we have four wonderful candidates for the Head of School post coming to visit in the next few weeks. Please do welcome them and try to stop in for one of the open discussions or meet and greets.

Finally, as most of you know, the people who founded TIS 22 years ago are Douglas and Frey Stearns. I am sorry to report that Frey's mother, Mrs. Frances Novy Diack has passed on at the age of 103. Mrs Diack was a long standing supporter of this school and she will be missed.

As you look around for the sun today remember Bob Dylan's words "The sun's not yellow; it's chicken."

Have a peaceful week
Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x122