Notes from Alfonso - 9/12

Dear Friends,
Did you notice a difference this morning now that we are not lingering as long? I think the staggered times are really kicking in and making drop off much smoother. Please do remember to be careful during noon day pick up and to watch all around you.

You may have noted some blank bulletin boards at the start of the year, in classes and in the halls. Do not fear, at a PYP school those spaces are for the display of student work. PYP education should be more about production (or construction) than replication.

Also take note, all teachers now have live streaming capability, thanks to last year's graduate Brian. We often invite in parents as experts and as audience members. Ask your teacher about how you can tune in for presentations, debates, role plays and so forth on line when you can't get away from work. (Grandma and grandpa and other relatives can also tune in!) We will also be live streaming our major performances.

Wonderful Popsicle social last Friday afternoon. Thank you PTO! And speaking of PTO, the first meeting of the year is this week as you will note below.

And we had a terrific board retreat this weekend. Stay tuned for news of exciting developments from Board President Scott Kerman.

Finally, I imagine yesterday many of us reflected on where we were on 9/11. Here is my memory:

When I was called to look incredulously at an internet news report on 9/11 it was from my office in a Boarding School in the Swiss Alps. From that day forth I have never again been able to go to sleep or go to school without first checking the day's headlines to see what I might have to explain to children. I had lived in Brooklyn for 24 years and felt myself a New Yorker. I had family in New York. I ran a school of 360 kids from 70 countries, including US State Department kids, about 100 Muslim students from North Africa to the former Soviet States and Pakistan, Indonesia and the gulf region, along with a group of New Yorkers, Californians, Europeans, and Israelis. Some took offense at having seen some Arabic boys celebrating. At a special assembly that night in the gym I.....

What would you have said and done? I am constantly reminded why I work in international education.

Have a lovely week and drive safely always.
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x122