How to lose $20, $50 or $100 - FAST

It's easy! Just don't put your child's name in his or her sweatshirt or jacket. Or just put initials or a common first name. When someone scoops up a pile of jackets from the playground or a specialist class and brings them to the lost & found, those first names are just a valiant effort. Unless your child's name starts with X - we might be able to figure that out. Most of us think we'll know something's missing when we pick up our child. But when mornings call for jackets and afternoons don't, it's easy to forget.  But we know (it's in our lost and found) - we just don't know it's yours. Most items show up without a name. "But we just bought that yesterday, we didn't have a chance to write his name in it!" Which is when most items get lost. And when it hurts the most. Great for the charities we donate to (ever wonder why 2nd hand stores have some practically new jackets?), but not so great for you. So please - buying a new sweatshirt? Take it home, make sure it fits, take off the tag, write your child's last name in it. Then you won't need to have the conversation with your child about who is going to pay for the replacement!