Confucius Institute China photography contest

Dear Friends:

We are glad to announce that the Confucius Institute Online in China
will host an online photography contest. Please read the following
details if you would like to participate:

As to record every wonderful moment in a foreign country, and share
your memorable experiences with relatives and friends, the Confucius
institute online will hold an online photography contest.

·Outstanding Award (One): Sony NEX series camera
·Excellence Prize ( Three): Portable camera
·Special Prize (Six): Digital photo frame
Best Feature Award(One)
Best Creative Award(One)
Best Travel Award(One): take the most attractive view
Best Photogenic Award(One): Characters works is the most beautiful
Most Diligent Award(One): upload more works met the requirement
Most Concise Award(One): the work is concise and excellent
·Best Popularity Award (One): Professional camera bag
·Best Video Award (One): Digital camera
·Memorial Prize (Fifty): woodiness photo frames, equisite bookmarks or
key ring

Note: Every participant could only have one work or a group of works
win a kind of award at most. The prizes awarded will be delivered
within mainland, China.

III.Contest Process
August 10~September 5th: Upload works
August 10~September 5th: Vote Online
September 5th~September 9th: Selection
September 10th: Announce results and Awards

1.The active period is from August 10th, 2011 to September 10th, 2011.
2.Entry requirements:
1)Contestants of non-Chinese are required to submit works which are
taken in China;
2)Contestants of Chinese are required to submit works which are taken
in foreign countries.
3.The works should be uploaded between J August 10th and September
5th. The voting period is also between August 10th and September 5th.(
(Before 23PM September 5th,2011)
4.The contest work will be divided into several themes: Character,
Scenery, Story, and so on. We will also receive video works.
5.All participants please upload works (pictures, videos) into the
relevant page before September 5th. The format of the works is
required as follows: Pictures in JPG, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format; Videos
in FLV format and smaller than 200M.
Or, please send works (pictures, videos) to the mailbox
6.The information description of the work contains the work’s title,
category, shooting time and location, and introduction (the intention
of the work, experience, and so on. Make sure the introduction is not
more than 200 words).
7.The works must be original by participants. And make sure
Participants have the copyright.

Confucius Institute Online will select all winners by the online
voting and the site selection.
All registered users of Confucius Institute Online can take part in
the voting after the logon, and have a chance to win lucky award.

VI.Copyright Info
1.Contestants’ entries must have their own copyright, and cooperative
works require that collaborators participate together or one of the
collaborators who participates on his own should have the right of
independent publication.
2.The problems involving the right of reputation, the right of
copyright, the right for portrait and other legal issues should be
borne by competitors themselves, and competitors should declare that
their works will not violate the third party copyright.
3.During the process of competition, competitors have the copyright
for their works. When they submit their works, it means the sponsor
obtains the non-exclusive permission to use from the competitors.
4.Contest organizers have the right to use all selected winning
entries for album publication, exhibition, website show and other
related activities on purpose of propaganda, with no extra royalties.
5.After selection results published, award-winning contestants need to
submit the original plate, RAW files or a large amount of electronic
files according to the quality requirements for publication,
exhibition and other related activities.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

Confucius Institute at Portland State University