What is the TIS Board up to?

From Scott Kerman, President, TIS Board of Trustees

Now that we've enjoyed two consecutive days in the 80's, I feel inspired to write a proper summer update on Board of Trustee activities. If only the weather had been better, I could make a clumsily witty remark like Board work has heated up along with the weather. Suffice it to say that we've been busy working on a number of important projects for the school.

Recently in ITK, Trustee Matt Schweitzer updated the community on the progress of the Head Search Committee. This committee is hard at work preparing for what will be a busy fall. The deadline for resumes coincides with the beginning of the school year; then the committee will furiously review and score applicants in anticipation of interviews and community meet-and-greets in October and November.

It's been an extremely busy summer for the Buildings and Grounds Committee, chaired by Trustee Lynda Wannamaker. Early in the summer, the committee released a Request for Proposals for the Campus Master Plan project. Local architectural firms were solicited to provide predevelopment consulting services to prepare a Master Plan for the school's facilities. As part of this process, Trustees and administrative staff members spent a day at TIS giving tours of the school and soliciting questions from local firms. Proposals have been received, and the committee is set to review them and conduct follow-up interviews in late July and early August.

In support of the Campus Master Plan project, the Finance and Development Committees, chaired by Jennifer Cooperman and Paula Prince respectively, have continued their important work in support of the long term financial needs and health of the school. It's my pleasure to report that the school's financial state is very strong, thanks in immeasurable part to the professional expertise of Dr. Orsini, our business manager Rob Timmons, our development director Kelsey Cleveland, and our admissions director, Jan Williams. Enrollment continues to be strong for 2011-12, and projected strong enrollment for the future is a continual source of motivation for the Board to work on ensuring that the school is prepared to meet its needs two, three, ten years down the road.

It is difficult to capture just how much time and energy trustees devote year-round to their volunteer jobs at TIS. For every task the Board engages, there is a continual flurry of emails, meetings, and document reviews. Our new trustees--TIS parents Bill Seidl, David Davies, Bryan Higgins, Joe Sawicki, and Barry Miller; and TIS alumni parent Mary Stevenson--have provided an incredible infusion of enthusiasm and expertise to our work. If I could make one small request to the TIS community, please take a moment to thank these folks when you see them. They've undertaken an incredible responsibility, albeit one they've gladly assumed given their passion for the school.

Scott Kerman, President TIS Board of Trustees, board@intlschool.org
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