Connect Over the Summer--Volunteer to Organize a Class Gathering

Whether you are...

  • the Host(ess) with the Most(ess),

  • have a big backyard that needs filling with families and merriment

  • just love a party or picnic

  • simply want to help the kids in your grade/track to stay in touch over the summer and have a chance to reconnect before school starts up again

... a grade/track get together could be just the right bright spot for you. They are easy, satisfying and fun.

The get togethers can take the favored format of whoever organizes them-- reserving (or not) a city park or pool, organizing an outing, or firing up the grill right in your own backyard; breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatever sounds like fun! The common thread is to invite all the families who will be in your grade and track next year (eg --all Chinese Kinders). These gatherings are especially important for the lower grades PK-1st and for grades within a track that have more than one class to allow kids to touch base and play with ALL the children that might be in their class in the coming year.  And, it's fun for parents too, for some, the first time you may even have met!

Coordinating can be as simple or elaborate as you make it. The basics are to (1) find a time and place and (2) send an open invitation to all the families in the grade and track (Linda will send you a list). There doesn't even need to be food--sometimes a simple meet up and playdate is just the ticket. Of course, feel free to sign up with a friend, too.

If this is something you'd like to step up to do, please contact Linda Bonder directly at so she can send you the list, including any new families.

You can contact Linda or me, Kirsten Lee, PTO President, at with any questions. Thank you!