Alfonso's update (change in school hours) - 6/6

Dear Friends,
Last week we saw the wonderful opening of TIS Arts Weeks, with Stearns Hall all decked out in amazing student creations and ringing with the sounds of  student musical performances. On Friday evening our student risk takers  sang, danced, told jokes and played their instruments ranging from guitar to piano to violin and cello. It was a terrific show and hats off to Peter, Julie, Carolina and Allison, as well as a number of dedicated parent volunteers, for all the work they put in. If you stil haven't seen the Art Show, do pop into Sterans Hall this week.

You can read the full report of this year's parent survey at /parent/login-files/. You will see that we have made much progress. We are proud of TIS. We are especially proud of the great gains that have been made in teaching and learning, in safety and security, and in so many facets of school life.  But we will keep working to make TIS better and better. There is no place to go but from good to great and to greater.

Some not-too-surprising feedback from the parent survey is that many parents are stressed about drop-off and pick-up. Thanks to your feedback, we will be implementing staggered school hours starting this fall. There will be no change for prek, lowk & kinder, with the school day running from 8:15 to 3:15. The school day for grades 1-5 will shift by 15 minutes, starting at 8am and ending at 3pm. All students may be dropped off as early as 7:30am. We will encourage grade 1-5 parents to pick up at 3pm. Since that is not always possible, all students may be in the waiting rooms without charge until 3:45pm. The school day will be:


We will send reminders with these hours to your snail mail address in June and again in August.

I want to pause to thank the members of this year's Scrip team: Jackie Myers , Kimmy Simon, and Margaret McConnell, who did a great job bringing scrip to the masses.  As you must know, Scrip is a system of gift cards which you buy from us to do all the things you normally must do:  shopping, dining and so on. But when you use scrip to buy and do these things, guess what: YOU SPEND NOTHING EXTRA, BUT WE GET MONEY!!!!! The new SCRIP team (the "scrippers") is Carrie Banks, Brandi Duke, Jessica Feinman, Joan Francis, and Lori Schallich. In their first two weeks, they have thus far sold $21,862 worth of gift cards and the school has made $1131.96. Their scrip summer sale was a smash hit!

We have some classes for next year that are right at the borderline with 20 students. We have stated in literature and on our website that the maximum class size is 19. So it is and so it shall remain until stated otherwise. If you ever have questions about anything, drop me an email or stop and chat at traffic.

Welcome new HR Officer Casey Ford who will be a great help to Rob in managing payroll, benefits and other tasks. Casey's office is right next to the library across from Tamara's desk. Facilities Manager Frank Bojanowski (facilities manager) has relocated to the office behind the gym for now.

Have a good penultimate week.
Head of School,, 503-226-2496 x109