TIS Music Share videos are live

During Arts Weeks at the end of May, classes from different grades got together for Music Share, a sharing of what they had learned in music class recently. Thank you so much to TIS Music Specialists Peter Musselman and Allison Bassett for organizing this and a great music program!

See all the videos at: www.youtube.com/intlschool

There are 5 separate videos with the following classes in each:

Monday: Emily, Jenny, Adriana, Constanza
Tuesday: Gilberto, Hideko, HuNan/Akiko, Masami, Ann
Wednesday: Adela, Ivonne, Lizette, Maria
Thursday: Qiong, Gloria, Pilar, Norma/Jennifer
Friday: Sophia, YuYen, Shirleen, Taka/Hong

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