Note from Alfonso

Dear Friends,
It is quiet today and will likely be so for the rest of the week, until summer camp starts next week.

We had terrific graduations at the end of last week for Low K, K and grade 5. The first two events were professionally hosted by four 5th Grade students: Brian, Theo, Kyle and Elise.

Report cards are ready and Lauren has sent out instructions on how to access them - please contact her if you are having trouble with it ( I want to remind you that if you see your child is still developing in some areas, that is how childhood cognitive development works- over time and at different times for all people. Especially on reading and with some math concepts there seem to be breakthrough periods, like intellectual growth spurts. Talks about report cards are always delicate. Best, I beieve, is to ask the child how he or she feels about the report card and performance for the term. Ask what the report card suggets about future learning? Ask if he /she is happy with the grades. If we can get the child to make the work his or hers early on, we go a long way in promoting responsibility and realistic self reflection. A question I always love (and often ask myself) "Is there anything you would do differently?" For me, if a child (or adult) is still developing but earnestly trying to develop, that can still be cause for celebration and commendation. We have also noted in language acquisition that it often can take till around third grade for a kids' native or target language reading skills to kick in and for the child to really take off. It happens for each of us at somewhat different times.

Nothing works better in preventing language backslides in summer than reading and journal writing, both in the target language and in English. Also good are writing letters and emails to family and friends, calling up friends to chat in the target language, enjoying target language movies and music, and even all target language playdates! Click here for the TIS Library Summer Reading Challenge details.

In other news, I am again asking if anyone would like to host an intern from Spain next year OR one of our two Confucius Institute interns. If you are interested in hosting even for a semester, please do let me know asap via email. The host family is required to provide a room and a designated bathroom as well as breakfast and dinner each day. The school can arrange a stipend to cover meals.

On a final note, if your child is attending summer camp, Sheridan and Northbound Moody promise to be closed or much of the time into and perhaps through July.

See you soon!
Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School,, 503-226-2496 x109