News from Alfonso - 5/9

Dear Friends,
I hope you enjoyed some fine autumnal weather on Saturday and Sunday. And a belated Happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful TIS moms! As a Mother's day gift it seems the construction men got Sheridan Street open again so we won't have to be routed into the other construction on Naito Parkway.

Unfortunately, the Macthieves visited us again on Sunday afternoon and helped themselves to 4 imacs. Since documents are all saved on the server they will not have acces to any confidential information except perhaps a pyp unit plan left on the desktop. Police have some very interesting leads in this case which may well lead to an early capture. (I'm thinking navy seals about now!)

Thanks so much to Paula Prince and Kathy Guilfoyle and Kate Tolman and all the many wonderful volunteers who planned and carried out the outstanding staff appreciation week. And thanks to all of you who gave cards and flowers and kind words. We do have a dedicated staff and they appreciate being appreciated.

Paula was again working behind the scenes on the Wine Tasting which took place last Saturday evening at The Plant, the lovely setting provided by Bill Dieter and Martha Koerner. A big thanks also to the other principal organizers Susan Marcus, Cheryl Meloy, Lee Rahr, Kathy Guilfoyle, and Martha Koerner. And also thank you Kelsey for always being present, and Tamara for working the wine wall so charmingly.

The PTO is still seeking people to take on Officers' roles for next year to join Presidential nominee Kirsten Lee, and they have also been seeking volunteers to help with specific events. This school still depends on volunteers as surely as Blanche Dubois depended on the kindness of strangers. There is a core of people who do more and more and more and I worry about them. We need some more new faces on the volunteer scene. If you feel a bit shy or not sure whom to approach to get started, talk to me please, and I will introduce you to others already involved. Believe me you will be welcomed with open arms. The PTO is not at all a political organization. It is a helping organization and veteran volunteers will attest there is always a feeling of cameraderie and the satisfaction of benfiting others.

State testing blissfuly comes to and end this week. Results will be sent to parents over the summer or early fall, as soon as we receive them.

You will note two important dates right on the horizon: PTO meeting this Wednesday evening May 11 at 6:30 and the TIS Board of Trustees Annual meeting on Thursday May 19, also at 6:30. All parents are welcome & encouraged to attend both, and childcare will be provided.

Have a lovely, relatively rainless week and I'll see you at the corner.
Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School,, 503.226.2496 x 109