Message from Scott Kerman, Board Chair

At the recent Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, six new Trustees were elected to the Board. These are: Mary Stevenson, TIS alumni parent; and current parents David Davies, Bryan Higgins, Barry Miller, Joe Sawicki, and Bill Seidl. These new Trustees bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Board's work, and they will provide valuable expertise to our Finance, Buildings and Grounds, and Development committees. Kirsten Lee, the incoming PTO President, has taken Kathy Guilfoyle's position as the PTO representative on the Board. Kathy served in this role for two years, and the Board was much better for her service.

The Annual Meeting also was a time to celebrate the tenures of four departing Trustees: Michael Hummel, Michelle Kerin, Kim Marcus, and Kat Topaz. Together, these Trustees devoted decades worth of service to TIS, and the entire TIS community owes them a debt of gratitude for their immeasurable contributions to the school. It is without hyperbole to say that TIS would not be where it is today without their inspiration and leadership.

The Board will conclude its 2010-11 year with a Sunday retreat to engage in orientation for our new Trustees and professional development for the entire Board, and to conduct business necessary for the work we need to accomplish this summer. Yes, although the school year is coming to a close, the Board's work continues in the summer. Among our responsibilities this summer are the Head Search, the Campus Master Plan, and Development planning.

Thank you to those of you who attended Board meetings this year, lent your opinions and expertise to our work, and generally supported our efforts on behalf of the school. And a special thank you to Dr. Orsini, members of the Administrative Team and Staff, and faculty for your contributions to the Board's work this year. It is an honor for Trustees to work with such professionals. Best of all, it has been a lot of fun.

Scott Kerman, Board Chair,