Alfonso's update - 5/31

We are getting closer to the end of the year and thus busier every day.

In today's top story, congratulations to Ann Zhu's grade 4 Chinese class and to Mei Zhang's dancers for their polished and enjoyable performance at the Rose Festival on Sunday. They proved quite an endorsement for TIS!

Congratulations also to all 1st through 5th grade students who completed the annual mile run at the track. What a great accomplishment for all students! In addition, many school records fell in all grades. We will announce those next week.

Tomorrow we will host a troupe of young performers, 8-12 years old, from the Tianjin Performing Arts Academy, and there will be a special assembly for grades 3-5 (this is another day on which I wish we had a larger gym). The performers wil go around to Chinese classes for an hour in advance to meet and talk with their TIS peers.

Note the many events on the horizon this week and as we aproach year's end. Have a peaceful week.

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