Update from Alfonso - 5/23

This week on "Tuesday or Wednesday" from 9 am on one will not be able to turn left (northbound) on to Moody from Sheridan because of construction but we should have an open road during our traffic times. If you see men working up in the filed by Naito preparing to lay water pipes that big tank is water to keep the dust down and not some dangerous chemical. (They were lulled by last week's weather into thiking they would need water, poor lads.)

Congratulations to all the students who this past weekend took part in the 1K and 3 K running event.

This is an exciting and busy week coming up with the art show and the scholastic book fair and the mile run on Wednesdasy. Details of these will be posted above and below I am sure.

Finally, one last appeal to support the TIS annual fund. And remember, total amount raised is one thing but also extremely important is that we reach 100% participation. WHy is that important? If we go to foundations and other sources to seek funding for building and other projects, we need to show that our own community supports our efforts. Give a few dollars, please . Help us reach 100%.Any gift is REALLY appreciated.

Have a good week.

Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x109