Future of Pizza Monday Uncertain

--Will you and your friends step up to keep this TIS "institution" alive?

Unfortunately we do not yet have a Pizza Monday Captain for next year. So we have three possible options for Pizza Monday's future:

  • Spread the pizza sauce across the pie. Identify 2-3 Pizza Monday co-chairs who can possibly divide up chairing responsibilities for 1/2 year or 1/3-year increments. This option also necessitates sufficient volunteer staffing.

  • Premium Pie Pricing. Increase the annual cost for Pizza Monday to cover the expense of paying for the pizza to be delivered. This option still requires volunteer leadership, especially over the summer, to research (cost/logistics) and help implement the paid prep and delivery of the food to the classrooms as well as track the program throughout the year.

  • The Pie Folds. No Pizza Monday. Another day of Chef Naoko’s bento or Elephant’s Deli sandwich lunches could be added as an alternative to pizza service on Mondays.

Option 1 is the “hero’s path” and maybe just the volunteer thing you’ve been looking for for the coming year. What about gathering a group of school buddies and taking on one Monday a month for the year? Sharing the chairing with friends and other parents or grandparents, perhaps?

Option 2 isn’t a sure save, but it could work! First, it will require a volunteer leader to do the research and find out a new price by July 15. In any case we need to have leaders identified by the end of THIS school year, coming up quickly on June 16th.

If you think this is the work for you and you want to do your part to make those Monday mornings a joy for parents and Monday lunches a joy for our kids, please let us know!

Kirsten Lee, incoming PTO president, pto@intlschool.org