TIS Fund - gets closer to our goal every week

Our first three classes -- one from each track -- have reached 100% participation for making a contribution to the TIS Fund and/or Special Appeal. Warmest congratulations to everyone in Junko's class for being the first class to reach 100% participation! I also wish to congratulate Helen and Adela's classes for this accomplishment. Thank you, Gracias, Xie Xie and Arigato for helping your class reach the goal and for helping bring the school closer to our overall goal of 100% participation. Junko, Helen and Adela were presented certificates honoring this accomplishment. Overall, the school is over halfway
there at 63% (as of May 12).

It is not too late to donate!
Simply click on this “Donate Now” logo to donate securely through
Network for Good. Select “TIS Fund” under program designation. Thank you!
OR Bring a check or cash donation to any of the reception desks
OR Mail your contribution to the attention of Development Office, TIS, 025 SW Sherman St, Portland OR 97201.

Reached the 100% goal: Junko, Helen and Adela

You can do it!
The following classes are just one donation away: Gloria, Pilar, Sophia, Jennifer, Hong
Shirleen: 89%
Qiong: 85%
Mary: 81%
Maria: 77%
Hu Nan: 75%
Jenny: 75%
Emily: 74%
Adriana: 73%
Lizette: 73%
Akiko: 71%
Constanza: 71%
Jossie: 71%
Masami: 69%
Abby: 65%
Gilberto: 64%
Yi Guan: 61%
Sandy: 58%
Vicky: 56%
Aiyun: 56%
Ann: 53%
Ivonne: 53%
YuYen: 50%
Chisa: 50%
Norma: 50%
Taka: 50%
Hideko: 44%

Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director, 503-265-8635, dev@intlschool.org
Invest in the mission and vision of TIS at intlschool.org/giving/