News from Alfonso - 5/16

Dear Friends,

How can we not love great autumn weather in May. Thanks to whoever is responsible.

We are winding down and cranking up, completing this year and planning the next at the same time.

Over the weekend students from the Japanese track performed admirably and to rousing applause at the Japanese American Society event. Thanks to Keiko and Junko for being on hand to orchestrate and to the parents and all the wonderful performers!

Also over the weekend more than 50 TIS students participated in the Immersion School Soccer tournament.  They did an outstanding job competing and conducting themselves as good sports. To quote Coach Rob:

TIS teams finished at the top in Kindergarten level, our two teams holding down 1st and 2nd place.  The 1st/2nd Grade team level also earned 1st and 3rd places.  Our 3rd/4th/5th mixed team had to go to overtime in the final before being denied the top slot on penalty kicks.  Overall there was plenty of joy and great soccer going on.  It was all made possible by our wonderful parent volunteers who helped to organize and coach all the teams.

This Thursday at 6:30 pm in the gym there will be the annual General Meeting of the TIS Board of Trustees. I’ll be doing a state of the school check in that evening but there will be minutes shared with the community and I will, in the coming weeks, be sending home a strategic plan report card and a summary report on the parent survey among other things.

Finally I am sure you are all looking forward to TIS Arts Week next week. Details are provided below.

See you at the corner
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109