May 23 - June 3: What's happening for Art Weeks?

The 2011 TIS Art Show will be hanging in Stearns Hall with artwork from every student, PreK to 5th grade. Special events:

* Friday May 27, 8:30am: PreK, LowK & kinder parents are invited for a guided tour of the art show with TIS Early Childhood Art Specialist Carolina Barros. Meet at 8:30am outside Stearns Hall music room entrance area, main campus. Children not in school that day are welcome to tour with their parents.

* Friday May 27, 3:15pm 1st-5th grade parents are invited to an art opening with TIS 1st-5th Art Specialist Julie Jansen. Meet outside Stearns Hall music room entrance.  Musical entertainment will be provided by the TIS Ukulele & Guitar class.

* Friday June 3: TIS Talent Show will provide a perfect punctuation for the end of the Arts Week.  (Sign up online by May23)

* May23-May 27: Music Share (students only). Each K-5th class will gather with different grade levels to share their music class accomplishments. (We will video these sessions and post them for parents. Sorry, there is no room for parents to attend Music Share.)

* May23-May 27, 3:45-4pm: After school classes in Stearns Hall will open doors for visitors to observe:

  • Monday, Beginning Violin - Music Room

  • Tuesday, Chinese Dance (LK-1st grade) - Music Room

  • Wednesday, Rock Band - Music Room

  • Thursday, Choir - Room 26. ** MORNING CLASS, observe 7:45-8am

  • Thursday, Beginning Violin - Music Room

  • Thursday, Chinese Dance (2nd-5th grade) - Room 26

  • Thursday, Adventures in Clay - Art Room

Peter Musselman, K-5th Music Specialist,
Julie Jansen, 1st-5th Art Specialist,
Allison Bassett, LK Music Specialist,
Carolina Barros, PK-K Art Specialist,