Want another way to show your appreciation of our teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week?

If you value TIS teachers and the work they do, invest in the TIS Fund in their honor!

TIS teachers open a world of possibilities for so many children. In the words of TIS parents, our teachers are caring, creative, dedicated, effective, engaging, hard working, nurturing, passionate, talented and inspiring. Imagine having a teacher like that every day!

Currently, we have 55% participation school-wide. Check the list below to see how your class is doing (see below for the rates as of 4/28). Help us reach our goal of 100% participation by parents and faculty.

Sophia: 92%
Jennifer: 90%
Pilar: 87%
Qiong: 80%
Shirleen: 79%
Maria: 77%
Hu Nan: 75%
Junko: 75%
Hong: 75%
Emily: 74%
Akiko: 71%
Gloria: 69%
Jenny: 67%
Lizette: 67%
Adela: 62%
Helen: 62.%
Masami: 61%
Adriana: 60%
Jossie: 60%
Sandy: 58%
Gilberto: 57%
Vicky: 56%
Abby: 55%
Mary: 53%
Constanza: 53%
YuYen: 50%
Yi Guan: 50%
Aiyun: 50%
Chisa: 50%
Ann: 40%
Norma: 40%
Taka: 38%
Ivonne: 35%
Hideko: 33%

To invest securely on-line, click this “Donate Now” button and select “TIS Fund” as the program designation
OR Bring a check or cash donation to any of the reception desks
OR Mail your check to the attention of Development Office, TIS, 025 SW Sherman Street, Portland OR 97201.
Thank you!

Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director, dev@intlschool.org, 503-265-8635
Invest in the mission and vision of TIS at intlschool.org/giving/