4 PE events coming up - sign up now

PE Specialist Robert Briglia has been working on four events for TIS students. This participation form is required - please print, fill and return to any receptionist by May 10.

  • Annual PE mile run, grades 1-5, Duniway Park Track, Wed May 25. School bus transportation for all students! MANY volunteers are needed to time laps and watch over children. Please use the form to authorize your child's participation and for volunteer sign-up.

  • Language schools Soccer Tournament, Saturday May 14. ALL players must be signed up with the form by May 10. (Sooner is better . .)

  • Language Schools Cross Country Meet, 1K & 3K runs, Saturday May 21. Sign up with the form.

  • Language schools Track Meet, Saturday June 4. Sign up with (yes, you guessed it) the form.

Questions? Contact Robert Briglia, PE Specialist, RobertB@intlschool.org