Is your Volunteer Counter account current?

The end of the ’10-11 school year is near and now is a great time to make sure your volunteer hours are current in Volunteer Counter.  If you need to record some volunteer hours, grab your calendar and go to (It's easy, or click here for detailed directions.)

Parents are not the only people who can volunteer at TIS. If you have a member of your family, or a caregiver/nanny, that has been volunteering at TIS - their hours count towards the goal of 25 hours per family.  Please contact me and I will create and account for them.

Almost any activity performed in service to TIS counts. Planning field trips, home-based projects, working in the English classes or the library, Pizza Monday, not to mention committee meetings, are just a few examples of volunteer activities.

And finally, finding yourself a little short of 25 hours? Fret no more!  See the Volunteer Opportunities column in ITK.  There are some really fun events coming up that could use your time and expertise!

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Sara Shah, PTO Volunteer Coordinator, at